How to Make Friends In Free Fire MAX (FF MAX)?

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on How to Make Friends in Free Fire MAX and play FF MAX with your friends. Playing multiplayer games like Free Fire MAX is an exciting thing you can do, and free fire max has the facility to add your friends to the game and play with them.

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How to Make Friends In Free Fire MAX?

Step 1: Click on the Friend’s icon.

Step 2: Type the player’s ID or Nickname in the Search Box/Click on the + button for available players.
Step 3: Use filters to narrow down the best results

Step 4: Those who accept your requests will be available in the Game Friends tab

Step 5: If someone is sending you a friend request, it will appear in the Received Tab

This is how you can make friends in ff max easily. To add Facebook friends in free fire max, you can ask them for their FF MAX ID and add them by searching for their username.

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